Happy Birthday Wishes & Romantic Messages for girlfriend

Top 100 Happy Birthday Wishes & Romantic Messages for girlfriend so hot with photo, images cards share online. Today is a special day to me, because it is the day of yours and you are special for me like anyone else. Happy birthday to the love of my life! I wish to make your day as special as you are to me! I feel lucky to wish happy birthday to the most amazing girl in the world, love you!

Happy Birthday Wishes & Message

Happy Birthday Wishes girlfriend 13

Let my love overflow upon you on your Happy Birthday.

Your Birthday is so special to me, and so are you.

Happy Birthday to the most wonderful creation of God.

Happy Birthday baby! I promise to make your day brighter as you are to me. love you!

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Happy Birthday Wishes girlfriend 14

You are like a dictionary because you add meaning to my life. Happy Birthday.

Roses are red, violets are blue, I am so Happy to celebrate your birthday with you.

Look at me and that is who you will see, but look into my heart and that is where you are. Happy Birthday.

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Happy Birthday Wishes girlfriend 15

On this special occasion I just want to tell you how deeply I love you.
Let’s make the most of this beautiful day!

In words I could not describe my feelings for you that are stronger than diamonds and endless like time.
Happy Birthday, my girl!

Happy Birthday to my sweetie! I wish I could give you all the happiness and love in the world!

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Happy Birthday Wishes girlfriend 16

I pray God to give me the ability to gift my girlfriend an awesome birthday.

Today is not like every day, it’s a special day, and it’s my love’s birthday.

I hereby gift you a heart that is eager to wish you Happy Birthday.

I love you every day, but my love is crossing the horizon on your Birthday.

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Happy Birthday Wishes girlfriend 17

Maybe when you blow out the candles and make a wish, you can think of me and make my wish come true. Happy Birthday.

You make me feel smart because it is so obvious that I made the right decision choosing you! Happy Birthday!

Time goes by so slowly when you are away and so fast when we are together. Kind of like birthdays.

Wonderful. Fun. Friendly. Smart. And it’s your birthday too!

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Happy Birthday Wishes girlfriend 18

Today is your day, so light up the candles and make the greatest wish! I believe that together we will make it come true!

Happy Birthday, babe! I am gonna make your day special and I promise to make your year the best of all!

You are the air that I breathe, the sun that warms my soul and the world that I stand on. Happy Birthday.

From the moment I saw you I knew that you had the outside right. But it is what is on the inside that truly amazes me. Happy Birthday inside & out.

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Happy Birthday Wishes girlfriend 19

I am gifting you a bag full of hugs and kisses on your Happy Birthday.

Sending countless kisses and hugs to decorate your Birthday with my love.

I pray for a happy life for you, happy love for you and a Happy Birthday to you.

I am glad to wish my queen a very Happy Birthday.

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Happy Birthday Wishes girlfriend 20

You make the sun brighter, the sky bluer and my world happier. Enjoy your birthday!

I would draw pictures and scribble notes all over the Book of Love to make sure that my message reached you. Happy Birthday.

No matter how great or small the distance that separates us, I will always love you. Happy Birthday.

The moment that I first met you, I knew that I was in love. You are my life. Happy Birthday.

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Happy Birthday Wishes girlfriend 21

I’ve been waiting a yearlong to wish my girlfriend a lovely Happy Birthday, and will do so forever.

Happy Birthday to the light of my life.

If I live in another life again, I will choose to live with you again. Happy Birthday

I just wanted to say that I thank God because I found you. Best Wishes

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Happy Birthday Wishes girlfriend 22

Remember that the love you & I share today is a true love – one that is meant to stay and stay. Happy Birthday.

You are the song in my heart, the melody of my life and you are the lyrics that I am writing. You are the music in my life. Happy Birthday.

You cause my spirit dance and my heart to beat. a little faster. Happy Birthday.

Your heart is filled with love and fun and compassion and happiness that you share with me and the the world. Happy Birthday.

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Happy Birthday Wishes girlfriend 23

Let my love envelop you and make you flow to the world of fantasy on your birthday.

Your birthday is unconditionally special to me, as special as you are in my life.

Let us fly together through the breeze of love on your birthday.

Wishing the love of my life the happiest birthday she ever had.

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Happy Birthday Wishes girlfriend 24

There is no greater gift than the one that you have already gave me – it’s the gift of your love! I love you so much, my dear, happy birthday!

May this birthday bring you lots of wonderful moments and joy that never ends!

All the best wishes to you
Deep from my heart,
We will make this day special,
So let the fun start!

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Happy Birthday Wishes girlfriend 25

Sometimes words just get in the way when I want to show you how I feel about you. But, when it comes to you, I just can’t stop talking.Happy Birthday.

I love you every way every day and every night. Happy Birthday.

I will love you for a thousand years and a day. Happy Birthday for just one of them right now. More celebrations to follow!

I love you from here to the stars, passing by every planet on the way. Happy Birthday!

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Happy Birthday Wishes girlfriend 26

Out of all the people in the world, my heart chose you. One who has all the features that my heart requires. I need you, I love you. Happy birthday!

When a challenge comes on my way, I tend to fall in it. Instead I remember your half smile and I press on with it. And to my surprise I subdue it. You smile embers love deep down in my heart. Happy birthday!

I am so lucky to wish Happy Birthday to the most beautiful girl.

Happy Birthday to the one who decorated my life from dawn to dusk.

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Happy Birthday Wishes girlfriend 27

You are the breeze of fresh air, my little sunshine,

You are so amazing and I am so happy you are mine!

Happy birthday to my love!

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Happy Birthday to the most special person in my life, let’s make your day unforgettable!

Your charming smile and tender words is all I need to make me happy! Let’s celebrate your day, beauty!

Happy Birthday Wishes girlfriend 28

I am helplessly, hopelessly in love with you. Happy Birthday.

My love for you is bigger than the sky and deeper than the ocean. It is out of this world & my favorite thing in the world. Happy Birthday.

May God help you attain every goal and dream that you have in your heart and soul. Happy Birthday.

You are always where I go when I go to my happy place. Happy Birthday.

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Happy Birthday Wishes girlfriend 29

When I look at you, the love you have for me immediately is inducted on my eyes and slips down on my heart thus culminating its heart beat. Happy birthday my love!

When I look at your eyes I see a bright and sparkling future for the two of us. Happy birthday my love!

In your smile I see something more beautiful than stars. Happy birthday!

Loving you is the best thing I have ever done in my life, happy birthday.

If I were to lose you, I’d rather die, I love you so much.

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If there was no tomorrow, I’d chose to be with you for a day.

Your love is my shelter and you are my life, I wish to be with you all the time.

If love is a game and you are the prize, I will always win.

If I have to shake heaven and earth to prove my love for you, I will be glad to do it for you.

You are the reason why I live, without you I’d rather die.

Happy Birthday my dear, if things go badly I will always be here for you.

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