Christmas Messages for Mother, Christmas Messages to Mom

Christmas Messages for Mother – Best Christmas Messages Cards to Mom

I can’t count all of the stuff that you’ve ever done to make my life great, but I can say THANKS A TRIGILLION! That should just about cover it! Merry Christmas!

I couldn’t quite get my gift to fit into an envelope, and a bag would never do. I tried a box also, but there didn’t seem to be one with enough room. To be honest, I should have realized it from the start. That’s because the gift I have for you is one that can only be held in a heart. LOVE! Merry Christmas, Mom!

I just love hugging, Mom. You’re just so huggable! Merry Christmas!

I just love loving you, Mom! You make me happy. I hope that your Christmas is filled with that same happiness and love!

Christmas Messages for Mother 1

Mommy love is the best love to get on Christmas and all year! Merry Christmas, Mommy!

Only one word could sum up what you mean to me, Mommy “EVERYTHING”! I love you!

Christmas Messages for Mother 2

A Christmas Thank You just for you, because you are the most wonderful gift that I ever knew. I’m so grateful that you are my mother and I love you more than you know. Merry Christmas, Mom!

Not a day has gone by that you didn’t show your love to me and our family. Thank you! Merry Christmas, Mom!

Christmas Messages for Mother 3

Mom, your patience, care, and love have made me understand more about life. I appreciate you and love you dearly. Merry Christmas!

Everything I’ve ever learned about the true meaning of life, love, and happiness, I learned from you, Mom! Merry Christmas!

Christmas Messages for Mother 4

May your Christmas be monumental and totally memorable. Love you! Merry Christmas, Mom!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! You deserve the best of both, Mom!

Christmas Messages for Mother 5

Having someone special in my life who is like a mother to me has helped me through all sorts of things and eternally grateful, I will always be. Merry Christmas!

Having you for a mom has meant having a life full of blessings. Merry Christmas!

Christmas Messages for Mother 6

I know that the sky is the limit. Thank you for putting that confidence in my mind and love in my heart. Merry Christmas, Mom!

I’m doing all that I can to make your proud. I’m wearing my hat, scarf, gloves, coat, and even those long johns that you bought me! Merry Christmas, Mom!

Christmas Messages for Mother 7

No one could ever measure a mother’s love. You’ve given beyond measure and for that, I truly thank you and I will love you forever! Merry Christmas, Mother!

Peace, love, and a holiday full of wonder. That’s my wish for you, Mom!

Christmas Messages for Mother 8

You’ve been like a mother to me and I didn’t want this holiday season to pass by without me taking the time to let you know how much that has meant. I appreciate you and you are truly a major part of what makes my world more meaningful. Merry Christmas!

How do you make Christmas feel like it’s an all-year thing? It must be “Mommy Magic”! Merry Christmas!

Christmas Messages for Mother

I’ve never been loved by anyone as I have been loved by you, Mom. Merry Christmas and Thank You

Mommies don’t need Christmastime to sprinkle a little happiness around. They’re ALWAYS sprinkling! Merry Christmas, Mom!

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