Christmas Messages for Kids and Greetings cards

Christmas Messages for Kids and Cute Greetings cards for and Children

I just can’t believe how adorable you seem to get every year. You have an extra special glow at Christmas that lights the hearts of everyone around you!

If you see a little snowman and he looks right back at you, remember it’s his way of saying, “Merry Christmas To You!”

It took a whole year for it to come. I really hope that this year’s Christmas is an extra special one. Merry Christmas!

Baby boys are special gifts that will grab attention, the biggest hug, and the biggest kiss. Baby Boy, May your first Christmas be as sweet as you!

Christmas Messages for Kids 1

Take this little Christmas wish and have a fantastic holiday!!

May your Christmas be decked with joy this holiday season!

Christmas Messages for Kids 2

Hope you have a fantastic Christmas and an even better New Year!

Hope your Christmas equals FUN FUN FUN!!

Christmas Messages for Kids 3

Have a ball and eat lots of goodies, too. May this be the best Christmas ever for you!

Holiday wishes for a Christmas that’s exactly the way you want it to be full of goodies, yummies, and happies!!!


Christmas Messages for Kids 4

The holiday season is a time for doing good things for others and feeling happy in your heart.

Angels are all around us. I know, because here you are! Merry Christmas to Our Little Earth Angel!

Christmas Messages for Kids 5

Christmas: The Amazing Experience Coming to a home near you real, real soon!! Merry Christmas To You!

Christmastime. Yay!! Get in on the fun of this cool day!

Christmas Messages for Kids 6

Holiday wishes for a fantastic kid! I’m wishing that you get everything that you could want and a busload of other cool stuff that’s just right for cool you!

Holiday wishes to a fantabulous child YOU!

Christmas Messages for Kids 7

Christmas is special just as it is, but it becomes doubly wonderful when you add in twins! Merry 1st Christmas To The Twins!

Christmas wishes for a super wonderful holiday!

Christmas Messages for Kids 8

For A Cool Boy That I Love Merry Christmas to you and may loads of awesome things come your way this holiday season

Hope Christmas brings one thrilling experience after another! It should be a real blast! Merry Christmas!

Christmas Messages for Kids 9

Babies are usually the first to make the top of Santa’s Christmas list. You are such a sweetie, I’m sure he will bring you lots of great gifts! Merry 1st Christmas!

I hope that you have a great Christmas that’s brimming with cool buddies and great fun! Merry Christmas!

Christmas Messages for Kids 10

I said that I wouldn’t tell and I did a great job keeping it hush, hush. Now, it’s time to let the secret out It’s me! Merry Christmas from the Person Formerly Known As Secret Santa

I’m having a blast being your Secret Buddy! Christmas is a lot more exciting for me and you! Merry Christmas

Christmas Messages for Kids

It may have a little harder to figure out who’s your Secret Santa. But, since you asked Here I am! Merry Christmas

May you have the merriest Christmas ever and a lots of gifts, too. This holiday wish is coming from your Secret Santa that’s known as “You-Don’t-Know-Who”!

Santa has secrets, why shouldn’t I? Merry Christmas from your Secret Buddy!

There’s always someone willing to divulge a secret. This time, it’s me! Merry Christmas from Your Secret Buddy

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