Christmas Love Quotes, Poems and Christmas messages

Christmas Love Quotes, Poems and Christmas messages Cards

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I hope that my Christmas is filled with lots of YOU! Merry Christmas!

I love everything about you. You are a major part of who I am. Merry Christmas

I love you, I love you, and I love you. Just in case you had any doubts, I wanted to clarify things. Merry Christmas

Let’s not lose touch with each other. We need to carve out more time so that we can stay connected, in every way. Merry Christmas!

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Christmas Love Quotes 1

I don’t know how snowwomen can keep it together with snowmen. Love usually has a melting effect on people like me! Merry Christmas

Who knew that one moment would lead to this? I sure didn’t, but I’m so glad it did! Merry Christmas

Christmas Love Quotes 2

Our relationship has evolved from a little liking to a lot of loving. The moments that we have shared and your warm embrace, make me want to always find myself in your arms and gazing at your gorgeous face. Merry Christmas!

Sharing Christmas with you has made my holidays sparkle with a brightness that I’ve never known. I love you! Merry Christmas!

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Christmas Love Quotes 3

I belong with you on Christmas day and everyday. Merry Christmas, Love!

I didn’t actually receive you like my other gifts, in gift-wrap or under the tree. But, you are still one of the best gifts that was ever given to me. I love you! Merry Christmas!

Christmas Love Quotes 4

Christmas has never been the same since I met you. It’s always been much more magical!

Cozy moments with the most huggable person that I know makes my holiday even warmer! Merry Christmas

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Christmas Love Quotes 5

Never thought my Christmas list would only include one thing .Of course, it’s just you! Merry Christmas!

No long two, but one. Merry Christmas, Love!

Christmas Love Quotes 6

All it takes is a kiss and my heart is flooded with warm loving thoughts of you. That’s an awesome Christmas gift!

Being in love with you is a Christmas dream come true. Merry Christmas!

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Christmas Love Quotes 7

Loving you during the holidays makes the snow seems as if it’s glistening a bit more brilliantly. Merry Christmas To My Love

My one Christmas wish has already happened. It was to fall in love with someone amazing. I love you! Merry Christmas

Christmas Love Quotes 8

Our home team advantage is that we have and always will love each other. We are definitely a winning combination! Merry Christmas!

Even as we have gone through some of the noisiest Christmas mornings when the children were young, knowing that we are still together, in love, keeps the Christmas magic alive in my heart. Merry Christmas To The Most Perfect Gift I’ve Ever Received

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Christmas Love Quotes 9

Everyday with you brings moments of happiness, sweetness, and love. Christmas is a time when we can totally amplify that to the max! Merry Christmas!

Gifts are good. Gifts are great. But having love during the holidays really takes the cake! Merry Christmas To My Love!

Christmas Love Quotes 10

You are one of the nicest people that we know. May your Christmas be filled with niceties!

May the hope that Christmas brings light your life and those of others around you!

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Christmas Love Quotes 11

Christmas is not just about presents. It’s about the precious gift of love that is shared only in our hearts. Merry Christmas!

Health, happiness, and hope May they all be yours this Christmas!

Christmas Love Quotes 12

You are in my heart this Christmas. I hope that your holiday brings special moments and thoughts that you can enjoy for years to come! Merry Christmas!

Wishing you a Christmas that overflows with all of your favorite things!

Christmas Love Quotes 13

Merry Christmas! Hope your holiday season is wonderful and full of precious moments!

Can you feel it? It’s the Christmas spirit. Hope you get your dose of it this holiday season!

Christmas Love Quotes

Christmas is not just about big things. It’s about the little sweet moments that brighten the holiday season even more!

Do good this holiday season. Be a blessing to others as God has been a blessing to you. Merry Christmas!

Holiday wishes for a Christmas and a New Year filled with wonderful friends, happy moments, and lots of love!

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