Action quotes motivational and Sayings – Top 10 Quotations about Action

Action quotes motivational and Sayings – Top 10 Quotations about Action and Photo for You

In order to carry a positive action we must develop here a positive vision. Dalai Lama

Parents are the ultimate role models for children. Every word, movement and action has an effect. No other person or outside force has a greater influence on a child than the parent. Bob Keeshan

Successful people maintain a positive focus in life no matter what is going on around them. They stay focused on their past successes rather than their past failures, and on the next action steps they need to take to get them closer to the fulfillment of their goals rather than all the other distractions that life presents to them. Jack Canfield

Love begins at home, and it is not how much we do… but how much love we put in that action. Mother Teresa

Infuse your life with action. Don’t wait for it to happen. Make it happen. Make your own future. Make your own hope. Make your own love. And whatever your beliefs, honor your creator, not by passively waiting for grace to come down from upon high, but by doing what you can to make grace happen… yourself, right now, right down here on Earth. Bradley Whitford

Remember, a real decision is measured by the fact that you’ve taken new action. If there’s no action, you haven’t truly decided. Anthony Robbins

Action quotes and Sayings 1

Well done is better than well said. Benjamin Franklin

Between saying and doing many a pair of shoes is worn out.  Italian Proverb

After all is said and done, a lot more will have been said than done. Author Unknown

Action quotes and Sayings 2

Between what you can and what you do lies a sea, and in its depths lies buried the wrecked will.  Marie Dubsky, Freifrau von Ebner-Eschenbach (1830–1916), translated by Mrs Annis Lee Wister, 1882

Remember, people will judge you by your actions, not your intentions. You may have a heart of gold — but so does a hard-boiled egg. Author Unknown

The ratio of dreaming to doing varies inversely with the rate of accomplishment.  Dr. Idel Dreimer

Action quotes and Sayings 3

Do it, and then you will feel motivated to do it.  Zig Ziglar

Note to self: finding a cool quote and writing it in your journal is not a substitute for Getting. It. Done. Betsy Cañas Garmon,

There’s something real satisfying about working, and having gotten it done. Lady Bird Johnson, quoted in Ruth Shick Montgomery, Mrs. L.B.J., 1964

Action quotes and Sayings 4

Choice of attention – to pay attention to this and ignore that – is to the inner life what choice of action is to the outer. In both cases, a man is responsible for his choice and must accept the consequences, whatever they may be. W. H. Auden

There are three principles in a man’s being and life, the principle of thought, the principle of speech, and the principle of action. The origin of all conflict between me and my fellow-men is that I do not say what I mean and I don’t do what I say. Martin Buber

I like to encourage people to realize that any action is a good action if it’s proactive and there is positive intent behind it. Michael J. Fox

Action quotes and Sayings 5

The great man is the man who has the courage to act.  Martin H. Fischer (1879–1962)

The shortest answer is doing.  Lord Herbert

Trust only movement. Life happens at the level of events, not of words. Trust movement.  Alfred Adler

Action quotes and Sayings 6

Every action of your life touches on some chord that will vibrate in eternity. Edwin Hubbel Chapin

One had to take some action against fear when once it laid hold of one. Rainer Maria Rilke

Affirmative action is a little like the professional football draft. The NFL awards its No. 1 draft choices to the lowest-ranked team in the league. It doesn’t do this out of compassion or guilt. It’s done for mutual survival. They understand that a league can only be as strong as its weakest team. J. C. Watts

Action quotes and Sayings 7

Never mistake motion for action.  Ernest Hemingway

Action is eloquence.  William Shakespeare

There are so many things that we wish we had done yesterday, so few that we feel like doing today. Mignon McLaughlin

Action quotes and Sayings 8

We want deeper sincerity of motive, a greater courage in speech and earnestness in action. Sarojini Naidu

Every man of action has a strong dose of egoism, pride, hardness, and cunning. But all those things will be regarded as high qualities if he can make them the means to achieve great ends. Giorgos Seferis

Our life is composed greatly from dreams, from the unconscious, and they must be brought into connection with action. They must be woven together. Anais Nin

Action quotes and Sayings 9

We should be taught not to wait for inspiration to start a thing. Action always generates inspiration. Inspiration seldom generates action.  Frank Tibolt

I will hasten to answer the cry of my soul, lest long unheeded it cease to call. I will speed me about my high endeavor, lest long delayed the fire burn low. I will quicken the day of the manifest, lest long unfilled I lose faith in my dreams.  Muriel Strode Lieberman (1875–1964), My Little Book of Prayer, 1904

A promise is a cloud; fulfillment is rain. Arabian Proverb

Action quotes and Sayings 10

Indecision and reveries are the anesthetics of constructive action. Sylvia Plath

A categorical imperative would be one which represented an action as objectively necessary in itself, without reference to any other purpose. Immanuel Kant

The person that made me want to make movies, and the reason I do films, is Bruce Lee. He was an incredible actor, and he had a lot of charisma. Handsome, action, you know, everything was there. I loved Bruce Lee. LL Cool J

Action quotes and Sayings 11

An idea not coupled with action will never get any bigger than the brain cell it occupied. Arnold Glasow

Inspirations never go in for long engagements; they demand immediate marriage to action. Brendan Francis

Small deeds done are better than great deeds planned.  Peter Marshall

Action quotes and Sayings

It’s always irritated me that people say, ‘Where’s the action? Oh wow, there’s no action here; let’s go somewhere else.’ These people will never find the action. David Lee Roth

We are not sent into this world mainly to enjoy the loveliness therein, nor to sit us down in passive ease; no, we were sent here for action. The soul that seeks to do the will of God with a pure heart, fervently, does not yield to the lethargy of ease. Dorothea Dix

If you want to be a real human being – a real woman, a real man – you cannot tolerate things which put you to indignation, to outrage. You must stand up. I always say to people, ‘Look around; look at what makes you unhappy, what makes you furious, and then engage yourself in some action.’ Stephane Hessel

Action quotes

When we commit to action, to actually doing something rather than feeling trapped by events, the stress becomes manageable. Greg Anderson

It is easier to act yourself into a better way of feeling than to feel yourself into a better way of action.  Orval Hobart Mowrer

What ought to have been done, and what shall be done, often stifle doing between them.  Augustus William Hare and Julius Charles Hare, Guesses at Truth, by Two Brothers, 1827

It is a sad lament — the happiness you might have found if you had taken the path that still lies right there in front of you.  Robert Brault

Success will never be a big step in the future, success is a small step taken just now. Jonatan Mårtensson

Nature takes away any faculty that is not used. William R. Inge

The problem is to be faced and the solution to be shirked. George Bernard Shaw, 1910

He that waits upon fortune is never sure of a dinner. Benjamin Franklin

If I set for myself a task, be it so trifling, I shall see it through. How else shall I have confidence in myself to do important things? George Clason

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